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  • Manuscript Language: English.
  • Manuscript Outline: Title of the paper, Full name of all authors and affiliations, Corresponding author's contact email, Tel and Fax, Abstract (200 words), Keywords (5-6 separated by ";"), Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgement, Financial disclosure, Competing interests,  Author contribution, and References.
  • Tables: Use MS Word 2000-2003 to prepare the tables and place in text as appropriate with the caption
  • Figures: Prepared the color figures in PNG/ TIFF/ JPG format (resolution >600 dpi.) and  place in text as appropriate with the caption
  • Symbols: Please follow the British Standards publication BS 1991. 
  • Units: Please use the international system of units (SI).  
  • Gene, Protein, Mutation:  Please use HGNC & HUGO nomenclatures
  • Sequence: Please use appropriate accession number/ID along with the database name.
  • Ethical Guidelines: Helsinki Declaration must be followed for Human study/Clinical trial. Animal experiments should be followed by internationally recognized guidelines. The statements must be provided in the Method section of the manuscript.


  • Citation in-text: Please use numerical form of reference citation. Example: [1], [2-4]
  • References format: Please arranged numerically as it appeared in manuscript chronologically.

      • Example: Reference to a Journal publication
        • Voest EE, Bernards R. DNA-Guided Precision Medicine for Cancer: A Case of Irrational Exuberance? Cancer Discov. 2016;6(2):130-132. 
      • For more than 3 authors
        • Auffray C, Caulfield T, Griffin JL, et al. From genomic medicine to precision medicine: highlights of 2015. Genome Med. 2016;8(1):12.


Please use the Journal template and prepare the camera ready manuscript in MS Word 1997/2000 version following the author guidelines. The manuscript will not be processed if it’s not submitted as per the submission check list. The submission check list is as following:

  • Cover letter
  • Camera ready main manuscript ready to publish (in MS Word-1997/2000 version)
  • Manuscript must mention: Ethical clearance, Financial disclosure, and Competing interest. 
  • Supplementary Materials/ Tables/Figures if any
  • 3-6 suggested reviewers with affiliations and emails


Manuscript should be submitted to the Journal using Email: pmj.submit@gmail.com

(** Please Mention the Journal name as PMJ in subject heading of submission email)